1 mutation in 100 000 wild-types because sensitivity matters

Radically improving cancer diagnostics

Rarity superRCA is an ultrasensitive multiplex assay for detecting rare nucleic acid sequences in biological samples like liquid biopsies. The format and flexibility of the technology platform – and read-out based on flow cytometry – makes it suitable for research as well as clinical application.

Enabling full potential of liquid biopsies

Rarity offers ultrasensitive superRCA® assays for research, available for service testing. The superRCA® assays are designed for extreme sensitivity to enable the full potential of liquid biopsy.

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What is superRCA®?

superRCA is an ultra-sensitive and highly specific molecular amplification technology. It is used to detect very small amounts of DNA sequence variants, like cancer mutations, in patient tissue or Liquid Biopsies.

It offers effective detection of multiple targets simultaneously – so called multiplexing. The assay can be performed in most hematology laboratories with existing equipment, using well-established flow cytometry for read-out, enabling more accessible testing with shorter response times.

About us

Rarity Biosciences was founded in 2021 as a spin out from Uppsala University to further develop and commercialize the superRCA assay technology. The superRCA technology was first discovered and developed by PhD Lei Chen and Professor Ulf Landegren in the Molecular Tools group at the Department of Immunology, Genetics, and Pathology.

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Rarity Bioscience at the CYTO 2024 Conference

Rarity Bioscience’s Linus Bosaeus and Lei Chen was at the CYTO 2024 Conference in Edinburgh, to present the study Ultra-sensitive Molecular MRD on Flow Cytometer using superRCA Mutation Assay, showcasing our new ultra-sensitive mutation detection technology superRCA.

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Rarity Bioscience at the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

Rarity Bioscience was at the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, presenting an engaging study that highlights the latest advancements in precision oncology: ”Ultra-sensitive Monitoring of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) for Cancer Patients, using superRCA Mutation Assays with Flow Cytometry Readout”

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Ultrasensitive and reliable

10-100 times more sensitive than current technologies, detecting down 1 mutation in 100,000

Multiplex but simple

Analyse on up to 100 targets from the same DNA sample, with uncompromised sensitivity using the superRCA multiplex

Fast & cost-efficient

Read-out using flow cytometry enables patient-near testing on existing equipment for fast and cost-efficient testing