Rarity SuperRCA®

Because sensitivity matters. 1:100 000 mutation detection.

Rarity SuperRCA Technology
Rarity receives ‘Attractive Innovation Project Award 2021’
Rarity receives prestigious SweLife grant together with SciLifeLabs, Karolinska Institutet, and Uppsala University Hospital
Hanna Kocken joins Rarity as Head of Quality and Regulatory

Rarity SuperRCA is an ultrasensitive multiplex assay for detecting rare nucleic acid sequences in biological samples like liquid biopsies. The format and flexibility of the technology platform – and read-out based on flow cytometry – makes it suitable for research as well as clinical application.

Detect down to 1 mutation in 100,000 wild types. Because sensitivity matters.

Doctor applying tourniquet on patient's hand for taking blood sample from vein in hospital


Fast, reliable and ultrasensitive decision-making tools for improved cancer care

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Scientist or researcher or phd student put dna samples into pcr for analysis in a biotechnology laboratory


Patient-near laboratory testing and read-out on established flow cytometry
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RUO kits and discovery panels for detecting rare nucleic acid sequences in biological samples
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Application: Rarity SuperRCA assay detects AML mutations

A recent discovery study on a cohort of 52 patients showed that Rarity SuperRCA is able to detect four of the most common mutations in Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with a greater sensitivity than current test practice i.e. ddPCR and NGS. In addition, a study of multiple follow-up samples from three of the patients, showed that relapse could have been detected in one of the patients as much as three months earlier. The studies were carried out in collaboration with Associate Prof. Lucia Cavelier from the Uppsala University Hospital.

Encouraged by these initial results, we are looking for partnering research centers and collaborations in clinical studies.

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Rarity SuperRCA platform

Ultrasensitive and reliable

10-100 times more sensitive than current technology. Detects 1 mutation in 100 000

Multiplex but simple

Run tests on up to multiple targets simultaneously. Analyze by established flow cytometry

Fast & cost-efficient

Patient-near testing on existing equipment for fast results and better patient outcomes

Democratizing cancer diagnostics for better patient outcomes

Rarity Biosciences’ vision is to democratize cancer diagnostics by providing more accessible, patient-near laboratory analysis – based on a simple blood sample. An ultrasensitive liquid biopsy assay that can be analysed for all relevant mutations along with other blood works, in a lab near the practicing clinician.

For Clinicians


We are currently looking for collaboration and partners in clinical research and biopharmaceutical development that are interested in using our technology platform as a research tool for the development of new biomarker signatures and companion diagnostics.

Contact us, if you are interested in partnering with us for clinical trials – or if you are interested in using SuperRCA in your research or for pharma development.