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ESH 2023 Conference

Anna Robelius, Specialist in Hematology at Akademiska Hospital, will present the poster Utility of Blood vs Bone marrow for Molecular MRD in AML and MDS. 

In the study, patients samples that previously been analysed using NGS and ddPCR mutation assays, has been re-analyzed using the Rarity Bioscience’s ultra-sensitive superRCA mutation assays, comparing blood and bone marrow. Anna Robelius will go into detail of the results when presenting the poster at the conference.

Meet Rarity Bioscience at the ESH 2023 Conference ”Acute Myeloid Leukemia ’Molecular and Translational’: Advances in Biology and Treatment” in Estoril, Portugal 29-31 of October.

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Sunday 29th of October, 18.30

Monday 30th of October, 18.45


The superRCA assays provides for rapid and highly specific detection of DNA sequence variants present at very low frequencies in DNA samples, and is the key factor in our mission to improve clinical decisions and patient outcome by offering fast, sensitive, and reliable mutation detection technology at the right time.

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At Rarity Bioscience we analyse your samples, using the proprietary superRCA technology.

Our services include analysis using both pre-defined tumor panels for leukemia, colorectal- and lung cancer, and gene specific and custom assays.

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