Rarity Bioscience secures initial funding and strengthens board of directors

July 12, 2021

From the left: Nils Landegren, Linus Bosaeus (CEO), Mikael Smedeby, Ulf Landegren, Lei Chen (CTO), Idar Kreuzer, Ove Öhman and Per Mattson.

Rarity Bioscience is pleased to announce that the first seed round of has been closed. The funding comes from the founding and management team along with a number of reputable angel investors. 

The investment will be used for recruitment and the establishment of the first research products. Apart from the funding, this investment also strengthens the companies board of directors to include:

  • Mikael Smedeby
  • Per Matsson
  • Ulf Landegren
  • Idar Kreuzer
  • Ove Öhman
  • Nils Landegren

“Closing the initial funding is an important step and I was happy to see such interest in the technology and company. I’m also very pleased with the new board of directors, and I know from experience how important it is to early on establish a solid board of directors with a mix of scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, as well as financial and commercial experts”  – says co-founder Ulf Landegren.