Blood or Marrow? MRD poster presented at ESH AML Conference

Rarity Bioscience’s Alexander Kele and Ann-Sofi Johansson attended the biannual ESH AML Conference, in Estoril (Portugal). They were there not only to discuss MRD testing but also to support the poster presentation “Utility of Blood vs Bone marrow for molecular MRD in AML and MDS”. 

Anna Robelius presenting at ESH

”We are grateful to Anna Robelius (Hematology specialist at Uppsala University Hospital) for such an interesting presentation of both her clinical work and the superRCA technology”

Ann-Sofi Johansson

Product Development Manager

Rarity Bioscience

”It’s been an interesting conference all through and I am grateful to the organizers for pulling together scientists across the board from basic research to cancer biology, in vivo and clinical studies.”


Alexander Kele


Product Development Manager, Rarity Bioscience

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