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Free analysis for cancer researchers

During November, Rarity Bioscience offer free analysis of liquid biopsy samples for cancer research. Movember is a month-long event to raise awareness of men’s health issues, and we want to do our part.

Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis, effective treatments and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths. At Rarity Bioscience, our vision is to democratize mutation detection, this offer is a part of that journey.

To support research within Oncology, Rarity offers researchers and non-profit institutions free liquid biopsy testing from our cancer panels, covering mutations in Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, and Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Read more about our assays here.

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Our aim is to reach out to as many researchers as possible so that our assays can provide valuable information to advance research and the fight against cancer. Through this initiative, we strive to advance the research around the utility of liquid biopsy.

Says Linus Bosaeus, CEO

Increase early cancer detection

Our mission is to improve clinical decisions and patient outcome. That, by offering fast, sensitive, and reliable mutation detection technology at the right time, for both men and women. Read about our technology.

  • Free testing is offered to any researcher associated to a University or other non-profit research organization.
  • Testing is limited to 200 samples per initiative and assumes samples are provided as purified DNA samples (DNA extraction provided against cost).

Please share with researchers, clinicians, labs and other colleagues, to support the fight against cancer.

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