Linus Bosaeus, CEO at Rarity Bioscience, on cutting-edge MRD mutation detection at ASH Annual Meeting 2023

Linus Bosaeus, CEO at Rarity Bioscience, entered the ASH Annual Meeting 2023 for an interesting conference, delving into advancements in Hematologic Cancer detection and the latest developments in Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Monitoring.

Additionally, he shared insights on the superRCA technology and its potential impacts on molecular MRD and blood analysis, by taking the spotlight hosting a scientific workshop:

“Ultra-Sensitive Molecular MRD on Flow Cytometer Using superRCA Mutation Assay”

During the session, he elaborated on the superRCA assay, highlighting its extraordinary sensitivity, the mechanism behind its high precision, and its remarkable capacity to identify single nucleotide mutations at an ultra-high sensitivity level in a cohort of patients with AML and MDS Minimal Residual Disease (MRD). Notably, the superRCA assay demonstrated sensitivity levels often surpassing those of NGS and ddPCR by several times.

For those who missed the workshop or wish to review the insights and data, the presentation deck is available for download.

Linus Bosaeus at ASH 2023

”Being my first time at ASH, it was overwhelming to say the least. An incredible organisation and line up of speakers and yet an interactive environment. Incredible feedback on the presentation on superRCA with lots of good meetings and interactions with pharma, labs, clinicians, and researchers.”

Linus Bosaeus

CEO at Rarity Bioscience

Thanks for an interesting and enlightening conference!

The method is published in Nature Communication. This is the technology on which Rarity Bioscience is based and the article describes the application in Leukemia.

You can read the publication here

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