2023 Munich AML conference poster_Rarity_cut

MRD poster presented at international AML conference

CEO Linus Bosaeus and co-founder and CTO Dr. Lei Chen attended the AML Conference in Munich, Germany 2023, to engage and discuss the main topics of this year such as novel target therapies and markers for Diagnosis and Prognosis.

Linus Bosaeus and Lei Chen are there Monday til Wednesday and present poster #79, demonstrating positive results from a pilot study looking at the utility of using peripheral blood vs. bone marrow for molecular MRD using the ultra-sensitive superRCA assays. An ongoing study together with Uppsala University, SciLifelab and Karolinska.

See the whole poster here: Poster #79; Utility of Blood vs Bone marrow for molecular MRD in AML and MDS superRCA, an ultra-sensitive mutation detection method using flow cytometer readout. The study aims at investigating the utility of peripheral blood for molecular MRD in patients diagnosed with MDS or AML. This is an ongoing study and a subset of data from the initial pilot cohort is presented in this poster.

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