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New chairperson of the board brings cutting-edge expertise

Per Matsson, an esteemed biotechnology leader, has been appointed as the new chairman of the Board at Rarity Bioscience. His appointment signifies Rarity Bioscience’s commitment to strong leadership and innovation in the biotech sector. Per Matsson is also one of the Co-founders of Rarity Bioscience.

Per Matsson has over 30 years of life science experience, a PhD in cell biology, and a diverse background encompassing R&D, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, strategy, M&A, and business development.

”It is truly a privilege to be appointed as chairman of the board at Rarity Bioscience, a startup emerging from Uppsala University, my own academic cradle. The company’s focus on advanced molecular diagnostics, utilizing flow cytometry – a technology that formed the backbone of my doctoral research – feels like a professional homecoming. My vision for Rarity is personal and straightforward: harness these innovative tools to revolutionize cancer monitoring and patient care. I am excited to lead Rarity in bridging the gap between academic discovery and practical, life-changing applications within cancer detection and treatment.”

Per Matsson, Chairman of the board, Rarity Bioscience

Previously, Per Matsson served as the Chief Technology Officer at Thermo Fisher Scientific ImmunoDiagnostic Division (Phadia) and has held leadership positions at renowned organizations such as Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur and Pharmacia Diagnostics. His international journey has taken him from the US to Japan, contributing to his global perspective. 

”I first met Per upon the incorporating of Rarity when they were looking for a CEO, and I got along with Per right away. We both share the idea that innovation is at its best when science is fused with equal part dedicated execution to make the transition from research into commercial readiness”

Linus Bosaeus, CEO at Rarity Bioscience

In addition, Matsson’s involvement in various M&A activities and his role as a co-founder and board member of several companies demonstrate his strategic understanding and entrepreneurial spirit. His passion for advancing the life science sector is also evident through his former engagements in EITHealth as Chairman of EITHealth Scandinavia and board member in the EU organization

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