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New perspective article on Liquid Biopsy using superRCA

New perspective article on Liquid Biopsy using superRCA, from Uppsala University and Karolinska Institute: This perspective article compares existing techniques and the benefits and drawbacks of various types of assays for different applications, and their utility for diagnosis and monitoring.

The authors discuss molecular methods for monitoring malignancies, particularly leukemias, and compare them to the super rolling circle amplification, superRCA, technique that enables highly sensitive measurement of mutant sequences using accessible instruments. Its sensitivity for tumor-specific mutations, combined with affordability and clinical availability, promises routine monitoring of tumor patients. An accurate method for monitoring peripheral blood offers practical advantages for patients. Sensitive mutational analysis methods would provide valuable guidance to clinicians for selecting therapies, adjusting treatment, and detecting disease recurrences in treated patients.

From the abstract of Managing leukemia patients via liquid biopsy and super rolling circle amplification (superRCA), published in Journal of Internal Medicine:

The very high sensitivity for tumor-specific mutations — in combination with low cost and ready access at clinics — promises to allow routine monitoring of increasing numbers of tumor patients, in order to initiate improved treatments at the earliest timepoint possible, when necessary. A method with high-enough accuracy to enable monitoring in peripheral blood rather than bone marrow samples would present a great practical advantage, not least from the patient perspective.

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