ISMRC poster 2023

New poster presented at International Symposium on Minimal Residual Cancer conference

CEO Linus Bosaeus, CTO Lei Chen and Dir. BD Alexander Kele attended the ISMRC (International Symposium on Minimal Residual Cancer) Conference in Hamburg, germany, 2023, to discuss topics such as precision diagnostics, liquid biopsies and treatment monitoring and present a new poster. The poster demonstrates initial data from a pilot study looking at the utility of cfDNA mutation detection in low volumes of blood plasma to monitor treatment and residual disease using the ultra-sensitive superRCA assays.

See the new poster: Non-invasive treatment follow-up using cfDNA in responders and non-responders following ICB treatment – ultra-sensitive multiplex mutation detection using flow cytometer readout, an ongoing study together with Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Göteborg University.

This study aims at investigating the utility of the ultra-sensitive superRCA method for detecting cfDNA mutations (EGFR and KRAS) in peripheral blood from metastatic NSCLC patients, for estimation of tumor burden and early detection of responders and non-responders after ICB immunotherapy treatment. This is an ongoing study and presented today is the subset of data from the initial pilot cohort of 12 patients, comprising of 51 samples. Average of 3ml plasma and 50ng ctDNA input for mutation assessment.

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