Rarity Bioscience is now on Scientist.com!

Let’s make collaboration seamless!

We are excited to announce that Rarity Bioscience is now a Registered Supplier on Scientist.com! First contract receives 25% discount.

As a registered supplier on Scientist.com, Rarity Bioscience will offer our cutting-edge biotechnological services to a global audience. Scientist.com’s streamlined processes reduce the demand for administrative time and paperwork, enhancing the overall accessibility of our services.

Alexander Kele

”This is a major step for us, increasing the accessibility to our new superRCA technology. I think it is a statement on our journey, that we are now mature enough to increase the volumes and complexities of the services projects.”

Alexander Kele

Director Business Development

 Rarity Bioscience

Check out our profile, and let us know if you have any questions regarding our services!
We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to the impactful collaborations that will emerge from this new chapter.

About Scientist.com

Scientist.com is the world’s leading online marketplace for scientific services. The platform connects researchers with a global network of pre-qualified suppliers, streamlining the procurement process for scientific services and accelerating research and development. Scientist.com’s innovative approach promotes collaboration, efficiency, and transparency in the scientific community. Rarity Bioscience’s inclusion as a registered supplier reinforcing their commitment to advancing scientific research and development.


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