Rarity Bioscience is presenting the superRCA technology at ESH Conference!

Rarity Bioscience will be at the ESH 4th How to Diagnose and Treat Acute Leukaemias Conference to present the poster ”New Assay Technology and Utility of Peripheral Blood vs Bone Marrow for Molecular MRD in AML and MDS”. 

The New Ultra-Sensitive Assay Technology

Detecting minimal residual disease (MRD) before clinical symptoms manifest in patients has traditionally been time-consuming and costly, using only routine laboratory methods. This has presented a significant challenge for the broader adoption of mutation detection techniques. However, with the superRCA assay technology we are finally making it possible. With its innovative capabilities, we have made early detection of MRD both time and cost-efficient, as well as accessible, marking a significant advancement in leukaemia diagnostics. 

The superRCA assay can detect 1 mutation out of 100 000 wild-type DNA molecules. In the poster presentation you learn how it is used to efficiently monitor AML and MDS patient’s samples, both in bone marrow and peripheral blood. 


The method has been published in Nature Communication. This is the technology on which Rarity Bioscience is based and the article describes the application in Leukaemia. 

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Interested in learning more about our superRCA technology or want to book a meeting with us at the conference?

Send an email to Feri Shahin, feri.shahin@raritybioscience.com 

See you there!

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