Rarity: Prestigious Skapa innovation Award winner 2022

We are delighted to share that Dr. Lei Chen has been awarded the prestigious Skapa innovation award, as winner of the region of Uppsala!

Co-founder and CTO Lei Chen and co-nominee CEO Linus Bosaeus attended the award ceremony at the Uppsala Castle and received the award from Governor Göran Enander.

The SKAPA Innovation Award is Sweden’s largest innovation award, with the aim of providing support to inventors to develop their ideas. SKAPA is a foundation that was established in memory of Alfred Nobel in 1985 and awarded its first prize in 1986.

See the film below to hear the interesting story behind Rarity Bioscience.

The nominee, Lei Chen, is originally from China and came to Sweden over ten years ago to do his doctorate, and now lives here with his own family. In 2021 he co-founded Rarity Bioscience as a result of his successful research. This is in many ways a success story of research, hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship made possible in an open and creative environment at Uppsala University under the leadership of Professor Ulf Landegren. This deserves to be highlighted in order to highlight both the incredible research results achieved by Lei Chen as well as the drive and courage behind the step to start a company.

“I am honoured to recieve the SKAPA award for the region of Uppsala. The award recognized the innovative foundation that Rarity was built on and also the extensive work that led to it during my PhD studies at Uppsala University”, says Lei Chen.

We are now one of the finalists in the national final SKAPA innovation Award later this year where Lei will be representing Uppsala.

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