Rarity Bioscience at the CYTO 2024 Conference

Rarity Bioscience’s Linus Bosaeus and Lei Chen was at the CYTO 2024 Conference in Edinburgh, to present the study Ultra-sensitive Molecular MRD on Flow Cytometer using superRCA Mutation Assay, showcasing our new ultra-sensitive mutation detection technology superRCA.

Rarity Bioscience at the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

Rarity Bioscience was at the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, presenting an engaging study that highlights the latest advancements in precision oncology: ”Ultra-sensitive Monitoring of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) for Cancer Patients, using superRCA Mutation Assays with Flow Cytometry Readout”

WE GROW – Moving to new HQ

Rarity Bioscience New office

Amidst the vibrant ambiance of Uppsala Science Park, on the evening of April 10th, a gathering of over a hundred investors, industrialists, customers, and esteemed guests from the life science community congregated to mark this significant milestone in Rarity Bioscience’s journey.  Rarity Bioscience’s Shift to Uppsala Science Park Having outgrown its previous premises at BMC […]

Rarity Bioscience is presenting the superRCA technology at ESH Conference!

Rarity Bioscience will be at the ESH 4th How to Diagnose and Treat Acute Leukaemias Conference to present the poster ”New Assay Technology and Utility of Peripheral Blood vs Bone Marrow for Molecular MRD in AML and MDS”.  ESH 4th How to Diagnose and Treat Acute Leukaemias March 1st – 3rd, 2024 – Stockholm, Sweden […]

Linus Bosaeus, CEO at Rarity Bioscience, on cutting-edge MRD mutation detection at ASH Annual Meeting 2023

Download the presentation here Linus Bosaeus, CEO at Rarity Bioscience, entered the ASH Annual Meeting 2023 for an interesting conference, delving into advancements in Hematologic Cancer detection and the latest developments in Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Monitoring. Additionally, he shared insights on the superRCA technology and its potential impacts on molecular MRD and blood analysis, […]

Scientific workshop on superRCA at ASH 2023 with Lei Chen CTO at Rarity Bioscience


Based on an award-winning presentation. Lei Chen, co-founder and CTO at Rarity Bioscience, presents at the ASH Annual Meeting 2023! He will host a scientific workshop expanding on Molecular MRD and the superRCA technology: “Ultra-Sensitive Molecular MRD on Flow Cytometer Using superRCA Mutation Assay”. In the upcoming workshop, you will gain insights into the superRCA […]

Blood or Marrow? MRD poster presented at ESH AML Conference

Click Here to Download the MRD Poster Rarity Bioscience’s Alexander Kele and Ann-Sofi Johansson attended the biannual ESH AML Conference, in Estoril (Portugal). They were there not only to discuss MRD testing but also to support the poster presentation “Utility of Blood vs Bone marrow for molecular MRD in AML and MDS”.  Anna Robelius presenting […]


Download the full presentation Our own CTO, Lei Chen, held an award winning presentation at ESCCA 2023 in Utrecht, “Ultra-sensitive molecular MRD on flow cytometer using superRCA mutation assay”. In the presentation you can see results of testing AML patients using FCM, NGS, ddPCR and Rarity Biosciences ultra-sensitive superRCA. The presentation also suggests why Flow-MRD and superRCA molecular-MRD […]