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Using the superRCA technology, you can essentially detect any known sequence of interest using target specific ligation templates and padlock probes. The assay work on purified DNA coming from various types of samples, including cfDNA from liquid biopsies. Targets may be hotspot mutations, private driver mutations, or simply any sequence of interest. We now have 54 listed assays available in our research service portfolio, both through multiplex tumor panels, as well as gene specific mutation, with TET2 as the latest.

True to our promise we are continuously expanding our assay library with new targets. We have now added an additional TET2 point mutation to our portfolio.

Why does it matter?

A lot of progress has been made in recent years to study the role and function of the TET2 gene and associated somatic mutations. Its now known that somatic mutations in the TET2 gene are common in MDS and other types of Leukemia. Much is still unknown, but there is data supporting that it also occurs in other cancer types and conditions.

By making this TET2 assay available for researchers, we hope to contribute to the advancements.

What’s so special with this assay?

The very high sensitivity of the new TET2 assay allows you to study the mutation at even lower levels, exploring avenous of earlier detection and monitoring. It also allows you to study it in situations where you only have tiny amounts of DNA or sample.

Not your primary mutation of interest?

Our sample analysis team can rapidly design custom mutation panels or gene specific assays. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and check availability for a collaboration. info@raritybioscience.com

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