Rarity Bioscience - året som gått

One year: Research, innovation and improved patient outcome

Rarity Bioscience was founded in July 2021 based on an innovation by Dr. Lei Chen and Professor Ulf Landegren. Linus Bosaeus was appointed as the CEO and shortly after, the seed round was raised. Since the start, the operational team has grown from two to eight employees and is still growing. Rarity celebrates one year this fall and shares the progress made to date.

Linus Bosaeus was appointed as the CEO with the mission to improve clinical decisions and patient outcome. That, by offering fast, sensitive, and reliable mutation detection technology at the right time. By the end of 2021, the technology was presented at the first medical conference, which followed by another five oral and poster presentations during 2022 with great interest and response.

During the fall last year, we moved in to our facilities at Uppsala Biomedical Centre, and established the R&D lab were the superRCA assay was set up on liquid dispensing robots. We then spent the fall focusing on expansion of the target portfolio and high throughput testings.

Says Linus Bosaeus.

The first publication on superRCA came out in Nature Communications in July, focusing on Leukemia. We have also received a SweLife and Medtech4Health grant together with SciLifeLabs, Karolinska, and Uppsala University. That is to continue the work within leukemia.

During the spring of 2022, we also finalized the new research panels for multiplexed ctDNA analysis within lung and colorectal cancer, and also analyzed longitudinal cohorts studying the relapse detection together with external research collaborators. See is a list of available genes and mutation targets for service testing.

Rarity has been building the quality management system for upcoming ISO 13485 certification, and started the first product development project with objective to CE mark our assay in accordance with IVDR.

We have received some awards during our first year. Attractive Innovation Award from UU Innovation, Business Sweden Catalyst, and the prestigious SKAPA price, to mention a few. We are happy and thankful for the attention and see this as a confirmation, that we are on the right path.

Ends Linus.

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